Joe with a Tan and a Puppy

Tanned Joe

Serving Cape Cod dogs and dog owners, we offer obedience and Behavior Modification Training in either Private Lessons or Group Classes.  Our training philosophy is based on the alpha wolf pack hierarchy.  To live successfully with your dog, YOU must be the pack leader.  Dogs are domesticated wolves and this is the social structure that they instinctively understand and respect.  If a dog is not sure who is the leader of the pack, he will try to usurp this position.  When a dog thinks its in charge, they can become annoying, uncontrollable, and potentially dangerous.  A confident human pack leader can help a dog feel secure and happy in his place in the hierarchy.  Our training objective is for the dog to respect you and respond appropriately to commands.  A dog with structure is a happy and safe dog.   I invite you to experience the joy of a good dog!


JOE YUKNA 774-487-0325          P.O. Box  1783, Mashpee, MA 02649